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I have moved my blog to a new site. I will be putting up a long over due update soon.

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Windham World Cup

      I got a chance to attend my first World Cup race. Wow it was awsome! To see all the riders from all over the world riding bikes that I have never heard of. We got to the race on Saturday morning about 15 minutes before the Pro womens race. Good job Catherine Pendrel on your win and #1 ranking, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you after the race. It was awsome to see Willow Koerber finish the season Ranked #2 in the world.
Before the mens race I had a chance to give Sam Schultz a quick hi. During his race he saw me and threw a water bottle to me. After the race when I was talking with him he said he hopes
that there is snow this year at the Iceman.
            My race was on Sunday, 3 laps around the course. I had got a good start and was holding my own. On the first lap when I got to the top of the mountain on a turn my front wheel washed out and I landed face down on the trail. As I was getting up some guy ran over me like I was a tree across the trail. He didn’t even stop to see if I was OK. I was in a lot of pain but a DNF at a World Cup race was not a option and I did finish the race. After the race my mom and dad were looking at my back and you could see marks from his chain ring across my back a rug burn from were he skidded.
             Lindsey 🙂
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Almost a return

  Well I had been feeling good and riding since I had my tonsils taken out. So I talked my Mom and Dad into letting me do the race at Alum Creek. Big mistake. I got 3 miles into the race and started to throw up and my throat got sore. Looks like a couple of more weeks before I race again.
  Check out Dan’s new bike.
            Lindsey 🙂
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Sitting at home

   Last week I went to Pittsburgh and had an awsome ride with Travis.
    I learned a lot about my bike and we changed a couple of things. I am really excited and ready to race with the things we changed and what I have learned. But right now the race is going on at Eastfork and I am sitting at home recovering from having my tonsils out.
         Lindsey 😦
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S&S Trails and Stuff

   S&S trails is one of the best races to go to each year. The course is up and down with not much time to recover. But there is plenty of time to recover with the post race feast.
  I was excited for this for a couple of reasons. One was that my team mate Travis Saeler was at the race for the first time this year. For another week in a row it was a hot race. In the 90’s and humid. At the start of the race the first place rider took off at a pace I didn’t even want to try and keep up with in the heat.
 So for the first lap I sat behind the second place rider and let her do the work. On the start of the second and final lap I decided to pass her and take off. At the end of the last lap I had a 4 miniute lead on third place. That is when disaster happened. On the last climb near the finish my chain came off and got stuck between the big ring and the chain stay. It was stuck real bad and I couldn’t get it out. Thats when Austin Powel and another person who I am not sure of his name came over and gave me a hand. They had a hard time getting my chain out. Thats when the third place rider passed me up. They got my chain out and I rode hard but couldn’t catch her and finished 50 seconds behind her. But thats racing. Still pretty happy with my finish.
  My new kit for the new Trek 29er Crew came this week. Can’t wait to use it but it’s going to be some time before my next race.
           Lindsey 🙂
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Races and Sponsor Change

    I have not been home much the last 2 weeks and have not been able to update. Last week I was in Boston for the week with my sisters Girl Scout troop. I loved all the history in that city. While I was there I got the news that the Gary Fisher 29er Crew is now the Trek 29er Crew. Gary Fisher bikes will still be sold but under the name of Trek as the Gary Fisher Collection. This is pretty exciting and there is this awsome new bike called the Sawyer. It is to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Gary Fisher creating the 29er.
  We traveled home from Boston last Friday and spent 11 hours in the car. I was not home 8 hours when we left at 3:00 AM Saturday morning for a DINO series race in French Lick Indiana. When we got the Louisville Kentucky the weather did not look good. It was raining so hard the windshield wipers could not keep up there was a lot of lightning. But we heard on the radio that it was going to clear up. When we got there at 10:00 AM sure enough the sky cleared. It turned out to be a sunny, hot, humid day with the temp in the 90’s.
  French Lick must have missed most of the storm because the course was pretty dry and in good condition. I didn’t have the best race. Finished 6th in a large field. Looking forward to doing more DINO series races.
    This week we spent a couple of days at a place I have been dying to see for the longest time. GETTYSBURG! I am a Civil War buff and this place was dream come true to go to. The Iron Brigade fought at McPherson Ridge.
   Last but not least, I am going to be getting my tonsils taken out in July. The Doctor say’s I should be recovered in a couple of weeks.
             Lindsey 🙂
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Trek/Gary Fisher Bike Demo

   If you ever wanted to try a new Trek or Gary Fisher mountain bike now is your chance. On Saturday June 19th the demo truck will be at Quail Hollow State Park. And on Sunday June 20th it will be a North Park in Pittsburgh. Come and check out these awsome bikes.
            Lindsey 🙂
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