End of a Long Season

It seems like it has been a long season this year. Even missing a lot of the season in the middle of the summer because of my tonsils.

 The OMBC series ended at Mohican Wilderness on a nice warm

October day. I ended up finishing second in the series again which is better than I thought I would do in the middle of the summer.

Next and last was the Iceman Cometh challenge. It was the coldest race that I have ever done. I started at 9:00 AM and the temperature was 20 deg.. My GU got real thick and my water bottles were starting to freeze. I was doing good riding between second and third place. Then my bad luck struck. I got chain suck and could not get my chain free between the chain ring and the chain stay. I started walking and running with my bike. I went over a mile and then someone stopped and fixed my bike. In the mean time I saw riders passing me. After the race I was surprised to find out that I finished on the podium with a fifth place finish. I must have been catching up because third to fifth place was only a few minutes.

It was Gary Fishers 60th birthday and he did the race also. Afterwards i got a chance to talk with him.

He liked my bright pink shoe laces and I liked his coat.

Now is the short off season. I will be doing some fun riding at Ray’s MTB for a few weeks before I start training for next year.

         Lindsey 🙂

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