Fresh paint and other stuff

    Not much new as far as my riding goes. Just riding at Ray’s when ever I can. We just finished painting my bedroom. We started painting the day after Thanksgiving. That morning we got up early to be at the stores when they opened at 5:00 AM. My dad went with us to be at Home Depot at 6:00 when they opened. I think the person at Home Depot thought my dad was crazy when he asked if they could color match a Gary Fisher sticker.  Well it was a lot of work. I have 79 little logos as a border going around the room and 2 HUGE ones on the walls. For any one that dosen’t know, the logo is 2 mountains reflecting in a lake. I now have a shelf to put my helmets on.
 I had a quilt rack hanging in my room with quilts that my mom and other people made when I was small. I wanted to take it down but my dad said no because he made the rack. So we turned it into a jersey rack to put my old jerseys on.
 The border has random odd colored logos from the colors on the Pro’s uniforms.This past Saturday was the OMBC awards.  I got my plaque for my 3rd place finish in Sport. Brad, Ben, and Dave got there awards for finishing first, second and third. Good job guys! My sister Kelly got to pull raffle tickets. And she pulled team mate Dave Hall’s name for a new Cannondale road bike.
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